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Video surveillance

Impianti per la Videosorveglianza

We design and install systems for video surveillance to any environment through a system of cameras fixed and / or mobile ( Dome Rooms ) for indoor and outdoor.

The system is capable of video recording, provide remoting in real time with a minimum of 25 images per second per camera with excellent resolution, or to transmit the images in real time to the operations center.
During the connection, the operator can select any of the cameras on a single screen or to have a total vision for a maximum of 24 cameras.
The connection with the operations center has the advantage of immediacy that in most cases, allows to discriminate events and allows a very great efficiency and effectiveness, just as with a reduction of the management costs. To fully satisfy the needs of companies in the field of access control and security, DANGER PC offers a complete line of products for the surveillance , fully integrated with the control terminals and software.

Products DANGER PC they use a advanced technology , which goes beyond the traditional CCTV system, using the IP protocol and relying on a PC connected via LAN to a video server, to manage network all operations.

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