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One clik ... so many benefits!

  • Record and transfer calls.
  • Store data communication important.
  • Manage new telephone books.
  • Manage long call queues in a practical and fast.
  • Forward calls anywhere in the world.

Telephone switchboards

Centralini Telefonici - Tecnologia VOIP

Why choose a PBX Voip?

A PBX VoIP takes full advantage of the software and with one click you can have many benefits!

The software systems Voip PBX are easy to install and do not require separate telephone systems and contribute to the company budget dramatically reducing the cost of telephony and facilities management technology in the company.

In today's world of new economy and International Trade , the new software solutions for enterprise PBXs are the answer to multiple needs of rapid communication and evolution of distance work.

VOIP technology

The efficiency and success of a company often depend the feature information system .

Today it is finally possible to integrate it also the telephone set , getting half even more powerful channeling and management of information and data.
The two structures , computer and telephone , until now always complementary but separate for technical reasons, can be merged into a single system and take advantage of the Internet connection thanks to the VoIP that transmits voice data in the same network.

The edge Type cheap is the most obvious, since this results in a significant reduction in operating costs compared to traditional telephony and even the total zero for calls between locations company or to any other user VoIP in the world.
Even more significant, however, is the advantage of managerial nature because VoIP is highly customizable and flexible, allows for a complete and detailed control of the telephone traffic, and a wide range of related services.
The device for calls can indeed as providing caller identification or even display the corresponding customer card withdrawn automatically from a database; all workstations outside the headquarters can be treated as extensions; can be added to a voice messaging system to welcome and guide the caller to customizable menus (IVR), all prerogatives until now only large companies that could afford the use of sophisticated and expensive and bulky equipment.

VoIP technology can be used alongside or simply replacing the old telephone exchange with a Central VoIP , which is connected to the normal telephone network and data network company already existing.
All devices connected to the business system, even if offsite or at various venues, including mobile systems such as laptops, PDAs and smartphones, thanks to a specific software are rendered capable of handling voice calls using the shared Internet connection, and then communicate with each other or to other users VoIP of the world cost sending voice over the data network.
At the same time can be made calls to the traditional telephone network, which will take place at the minimum rate possible with features of LCR ( Low cost Routing ).
the number of internal formally unlimited and the possibility of connecting each, independently of the other to a PC, a PDA, a VoIP device, or even the traditional analogue device connected or cordless to the network with a simple adapter (ATA), ensure complete flexibility of the system, that is going to shape the real needs of the company.
Applications specially written, also allow to obtain specific related services to the management and control of the telephone traffic.
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The Virtual Server becomes!

Ospit@ Virtuale is offering Cloud-Computing Impresa Semplice,

that enables Companies and Professionals to host in the cloud of Telecom Italy their enterprise applications, avoiding the purchase and maintenance of server owners.[...]
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Manage with Ease your Company!

Progest is a simple, intuitive tool that helps you to manage all business processes with a few clicks!

The ergonomic care that distinguishes it reveals so formidable in the minimization of all time learning.[...]
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