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Email Marketing

Reach thousands of potential customers vie e-mail gives you the opportunity to make know quickly and in concrete any the world and any type of business!

Transforming the contacts in profits has always been a fundamental element for any company, but sometimes this results in complicated and costly promotional campaigns are difficult to measure their performance.
A solution simple and cheap is now realized through 's email Marketing , the best way to contact a number high of people in a short time and with reduced costs .
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An effective campaign email marketing contributes to loyalty of your customers and increase in the basin of user potential.


  • Very low cost for sending the information through e-mail.
  • Monitoring results obtained from sending e-mail.
  • Immediacy sending and receiving messages from the recipient.
  • Automatic sending of e-mail.
  • Personalization of the message.
  • Tests that show what are the messages that offer the best results.


  • Search and organizing e-mail addresses of potential targeted customers who are interested in purchasing products and services of your business.
  • Making and program effective promotional messages that allow a return on investment.
  • Analyze the results and plan subsequent actions of e-mail marketing.
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The Virtual Server becomes!

Ospit@ Virtuale is offering Cloud-Computing Impresa Semplice,

that enables Companies and Professionals to host in the cloud of Telecom Italy their enterprise applications, avoiding the purchase and maintenance of server owners.[...]
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Manage with Ease your Company!

Progest is a simple, intuitive tool that helps you to manage all business processes with a few clicks!

The ergonomic care that distinguishes it reveals so formidable in the minimization of all time learning.[...]
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Six of the FIRST on Engines SEARCH?

We GUARANTEE a positioning service to the TOP!

Be present in the top positions on search engines is extremely important for anyone who wants to be found by potential customers.[...]