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Management Software

A tool created to help you work smarter!

Progest was born in 1995 with the idea of making a enterprise management software simple, intuitive, 100% customizable.
After years of development and care in implementing this management we can say that Progest is a work tool, concrete help and effective in the management your company, optimizer costs and production processes, a "controller" management , able to enhance your business data according to multiple possibilities, based on the real needs operations.
Software Gestionale - Software Gestionale Personalizzato


Software Gestionale Semplice ed Intuitivo

Simple and intuitive.

Progest has an interface with high visual impact and a way to operate differently from common management software.
The ergonomic care that distinguishes it reveals so formidable in the minimization of all time learning. In
Progest you can process each document by means of a 'single screen, then print it and / or export it in various formats "Office compatible" .
Software Gestionale Stabile ed Affidabile

Stable and reliable.

The extreme versatility and flexibility that characterize Progest , do not penalize the least the absolute level of Security in which we achieve it imposed.
the several features related to storing your sensitive data, they are only the gloss of the final system to substrates that was architetturato to withstand any attack.
Software Gestionale Personalizzabile


With Progest can customize the screens of data entry, creating automations in the work processes of repetitive and constant.
The result that Progest lets you get back is a reduction in the time taken to perform those operations.
The extreme flexibility that characterizes this instrument comes even to the self-definition of the type of printing you want to produce for each document.
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The Virtual Server becomes!

Ospit@ Virtuale is offering Cloud-Computing Impresa Semplice,

that enables Companies and Professionals to host in the cloud of Telecom Italy their enterprise applications, avoiding the purchase and maintenance of server owners.[...]
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Manage with Ease your Company!

Progest is a simple, intuitive tool that helps you to manage all business processes with a few clicks!

The ergonomic care that distinguishes it reveals so formidable in the minimization of all time learning.[...]
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